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About Me

Welcome! I hold a Ph.D. in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Southern California. I also hold a Master of Science in Applied Economics and Econometrics (MS AEE). I have a strong mixed methods background through my experience working with survey data, A/B testing, survey experiments, interviews, focus groups, text analysis, vector autoregressions (VAR), time series data, and multilevel-regression analysis with postratification frames (MRP).

Currently, I pursue my career as a mixed methods UX Researcher. My dissertation looks at corporate activism to identify its determinants, as well as its consequences on the behavioral attitudes of the firms' social and political stakeholders. 

Prior to my doctoral education, I worked as a public affairs and strategic communications consultant and analyst for international private firms from the pharmaceutical, technological, luxury retail, financial, and investment sectors.

About Me: About Me

Research Interests

Nonmarket Strategy

State-Business Relations

Corporate Activism

Corporate Political Strategy 

Corporate Social Responsability

Quantitative Research Methods

Causal Inference  

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Dissertation Committee Members

Dr. Nan Jia (co-chair), Associate Professor of Management and Organization, USC Marshall School of Business

Dr. Gerardo Munck (co-chair), Professor of Political Science, USC

Dr. Christian Grose, Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Policy, USC

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